The 10 Biggest Cities in the U.S.

Global finance hub, cultural melting pot, and home to iconic landmarks like Times Square and Central Park.

1. New York City

Hollywood epicenter, diverse culture, and Mediterranean climate make it a paradise for entertainment and lifestyle.

2. Los Angeles

Architectural marvel with a rich arts scene, home to deep-dish pizza and a vibrant music legacy.

3. Chicago

Energy capital of the world, multicultural hub, and host to NASA's Johnson Space Center.

4. Houston

Rapidly growing in the desert, Phoenix offers sunny weather, outdoor activities, and a thriving sports scene.

5. Phoenix

Historic significance, cultural richness, and a pivotal role in shaping American democracy.

6. Philadelphia

Blend of Mexican and American cultures, famous River Walk, and historic sites like the Alamo.

7. San Antonio

Coastal city with stunning beaches, diverse culture, and a hub for military, technology, and tourism.

8. San Diego

Major financial and commercial center, known for its arts scene, museums, and dynamic culture.

9. Dallas

Tech innovation hub in Silicon Valley, surrounded by natural beauty, and a high quality of life.

10. San Jose