Ring in the New Year: 7 Best Celebrations Destinations in U.S. 

Explore the best of the Midwest in Chicago. The thriving metropolis along the Chicago River offers an extravaganza of parties, world-class entertainment, and a grand fireworks display.

Chicago, Illinois

Escape to a tropical paradise. Hawaiian-style parties, open-air shows, and beachfront fireworks ensure a dreamy and unforgettable New Year's celebration.


Experience the year-round party hub with extravagant hotel celebrations, a street party on the Strip, and a mind-bending open-air laser show during new year eve.

Las Vegas, Nevada

Celebrate new year eve in vibrant Music City with legendary live performances and a dazzling fireworks display. Feel the energy of the iconic Broadway street.

Nashville, Tennessee

Revel in the birthplace of soulful music. Attend the Space Needle new year eve party, featuring two floors of celebration, world-class live entertainment, and breathtaking fireworks.

Seattle, Washington

Iconic Times Square celebration. Ball drop, confetti-filled air, and world-famous performances create an unmatched new year eve experience in the city that never sleeps.

New York City, NY

Dazzling parties from Hollywood to Santa Monica. Cleopatra's Ball, DJ-hosted poolside events, and glamorous rooftop views make LA a star-studded NYE.

Los Angeles, CA