Elon Musk's Tesla issues a historic recall over Autopilot safety concerns, affecting nearly all US models. What's the issue?

Tesla's Largest Recall: 2 Million Cars

NHTSA investigates Tesla crashes during Autopilot use, deeming control measures "inadequate." Fatal incidents prompt the largest-ever recall.

Autopilot Under Scrutiny

Tesla disagrees with NHTSA but pledges additional controls. Musk's company aims to enhance safety, incorporating more alerts for drivers.

Tesla's Response

Covering Y, S, 3, and X models from 2012 to 2023, Tesla recalls almost all US vehicles—over 2 million cars.

Unprecedented Recall

NHTSA determines Autopilot's controls insufficient, risking misuse. Tesla obliged to recall, focusing on enhancing driver responsibility.

NHTSA Findings

Tesla to deploy over-the-air updates limiting Autopilot misuse. Stricter checks on driver attention and disengagement in critical situations.

Enhanced Autopilot Controls

Recall challenges Tesla's Autopilot narrative. Investors react as safety concerns overshadow Tesla's self-driving ambitions.

Impact on Tesla's Image

Despite setbacks, Tesla remains the world's most valuable automaker. Autonomy and AI investments drive the company's market value.

Tesla's Dominance

Recall sparks debates on the future of autonomous driving. Tesla's advancements face scrutiny amid the evolving landscape of self-driving technology.

Future of Autonomy