10+ Vegan Candy Recipes to Enjoy

Vegan candy recipes are sweet treats made without any animal products. Instead of using ingredients like milk, butter, or gelatin, they use plant-based alternatives. These recipes are perfect for people who follow a vegan diet or have dairy or egg allergies.
One common ingredient in vegan candies is coconut milk or nut butter, which gives a creamy texture. To add sweetness, they use maple syrup, agave nectar, or other plant-based sweeteners. Fruits like dates or berries are often used to add natural flavors and colors.
Vegan candies can take various forms, like gummy bears, chocolate truffles, or chewy caramel bites. They’re easy to make at home with simple kitchen tools.

1. Homemade Vegan Candy Corn

Homemade Vegan Candy Corn is a delightful, tri-colored confection. Its distinct appearance mimics traditional candy corn, with vibrant layers of orange, yellow, and white.

Each bite offers a sweet, slightly vanilla flavor, reminiscent of classic candy corn. The texture is smooth and slightly chewy, making it a tasty treat for those with a sweet tooth.

These cruelty-free candies capture the essence of fall and Halloween, providing a vegan-friendly alternative to the classic favorite.


2. Raw Vegan Snickers Bars

Raw Vegan Snickers Bars are a mouthwatering delight with an enticing appearance. These bars boast a luscious, layered composition. The bottom layer is a chewy date caramel, followed by a generous helping of crunchy roasted peanuts.

The taste is an exquisite blend of sweet and salty, with the caramel providing a rich, sticky sweetness that pairs perfectly with the nutty crunch.

These bars are a guilt-free indulgence, satisfying both your sweet cravings and your health-conscious conscience.


3. Sesame Seed Crunch Candy

Sesame Seed Crunch Candy presents itself as an enticing fusion of textures and flavors. These bite-sized treats feature a glossy, golden-brown exterior that gleams under the light.

Each piece is generously studded with sesame seeds, creating an attractive, speckled appearance.

The candy is subtly sweet, with a deep, toasty undertone from the roasted sesame seeds. Its brittle nature adds a delightful crunch, making it a delightful contrast of crispy and sweet.

Sesame Seed Crunch Candy offers a unique, nutty-sweet experience that’s both visually appealing and delectably satisfying.


4. Pumpkin Spice Gummies

Pumpkin Spice Gummies are a seasonal delight, capturing the essence of autumn in every bite. These gummies showcase a warm, inviting hue reminiscent of pumpkin pie, with a gentle translucency that allows light to play through.

They offer a delightful mix of sweet and spicy, with notes of cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves reminiscent of pumpkin spice.

Pumpkin Spice Gummies are the perfect treat to evoke the spirit of fall, offering a taste of the harvest season in a playful, chewy form.


5. Homemade Crunch Bars

Homemade Crunch Bars are a visual and gustatory delight. Their appearance is a testament to their name, boasting a perfectly symmetrical, firm structure.

The bars are crafted with a rich, dark chocolate exterior that gleams with a glossy finish, inviting you to take a bite. Inside, you’re greeted with a chorus of crisp, airy rice cereal, adding a delightful crunch to every bite.

The chocolate is neither overly sweet nor bitter, striking a harmonious balance. These bars are a true indulgence for those seeking a satisfying blend of textures and a classic chocolaty taste, making them a homemade treat worth savoring.


6. Vegan Butterfingers

Vegan Butterfingers are an enticing treat that marries appearance and taste seamlessly. Their exterior is a mesmerizing tableau of golden-hued, crispy layers, reminiscent of their non-vegan counterpart.

The rich, buttery undertones, reminiscent of traditional Butterfingers, provide a luscious depth. They’re perfectly complemented by a generous drizzle of dairy-free chocolate that adds a luxurious bitterness and a velvety finish.

Vegan Butterfingers deliver that beloved candy bar experience while remaining true to a plant-based lifestyle, making them an irresistible and cruelty-free delight for all.


7. Keto Chocolate Almond Joy Bark

Keto Chocolate Almond Joy Bark is an enticing creation, both in appearance and flavor. This bark presents itself as a rich, dark chocolate canvas, adorned with an artful arrangement of toasted almonds, shredded coconut, and almond slices.
As you take a bite, the sensory experience is equally captivating. The chocolate offers a decadent, bittersweet richness that melts in your mouth.
The almonds contribute a satisfying crunch, while the coconut brings a delightful hint of tropical sweetness.
Together, they create a harmonious symphony of flavors, echoing the classic Almond Joy candy, but in a keto-friendly form.


8. Homemade Healthy Vegan Fruit Snacks

Homemade Healthy Vegan Fruit Snacks are a vibrant and wholesome delight. These bite-sized treats showcase an array of vivid, natural colors, resembling an edible rainbow.
Their gummy texture is soft and chewy, making them perfect for snacking. When you taste one, you’re greeted with the pure essence of real fruit flavors, bursting with sweetness.
Each bite offers a delightful combination of fruity tang and natural sweetness without any artificial additives.
These snacks are a guilt-free pleasure, capturing the essence of ripe fruits in a chewy, wholesome form, ideal for those seeking a nutritious and delicious way to satisfy their sweet cravings.


9. Vegan Twix Bars

Vegan Twix Bars are a delectable treat that mirrors their classic appearance and taste. These bars feature a buttery, golden-brown shortbread base that crumbles with a satisfying bite.

A generous layer of creamy caramel tops the shortbread, offering a rich, gooey sweetness. The bars are then coated in dairy-free chocolate, providing a luxurious, velvety finish.

The combination of sweet, salty, and crisp textures makes Vegan Twix Bars an indulgent delight for those seeking a cruelty-free alternative to the traditional version, offering a nostalgic taste of caramel and chocolate perfection.


10. Strawberry Pate de Fruit

Strawberry Pate de Fruit is a visual and gustatory delight. These petite, jewel-like squares glisten with a vibrant, translucent ruby hue, reminiscent of ripe strawberries in the summer sun.

When you savor one, your taste buds are greeted with an explosion of authentic strawberry flavor.

The texture is velvety-smooth and slightly chewy, delivering a concentrated sweetness that’s both fruity and tart.

Each bite captures the essence of fresh strawberries, making Strawberry Pate de Fruit a luxurious and intensely flavorful treat for those who appreciate the pure, natural taste of this beloved fruit.


11. Easy Vegan Coconut Mounds

Vegan Coconut Mounds are an enticing combination of appearance and taste. These delectable morsels boast a smooth, dark chocolate shell that envelops a luscious, coconut-infused interior.

The exterior gleams with a glossy finish, inviting you to take a bite. As you do, your palate is met with a delightful contrast of textures. The center is delightfully chewy, with a rich coconut flavor that’s both sweet and slightly nutty.

The dark chocolate coating provides a luxurious bitterness, balancing the sweetness perfectly. Vegan Coconut Mounds offer a cruelty-free alternative to the classic candy, promising a mouthwatering, tropical escape in every bite.


12. Mint and Rose Lollipops

Mint and Rose Lollipops offer a captivating blend of aesthetics and flavor. These lollipops present themselves with a delicate, translucent appearance, showcasing the soft pastel hues of mint green and rosy pink.

As you savor one, the taste is a harmonious marriage of cool, refreshing mint and subtly floral notes of rose.

The mint imparts a refreshing zing, while the rose adds a gentle sweetness.

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